There is little in this world better than snuggling, smooshing, and snapping baby animals. Okay, maybe the last one is a statement on my line of work... but you can't dispute that furbabies are the best.

With that in mind, I am so excited to announce that Furbaby Portraits and Announcements have just been added as a new product line for Miscellaneous Moore Photography!

Why invest in a furbaby portrait and announcement shoot? Because, just like humans, furbabies don't stay babies for long. Every week -- every day, even! -- they dramatically grow and change and get closer to becoming the adult companion you'll share the next decade or so with. And even with the teething and the boundless energy and the naughty behavior, this time is so very precious. So why not capture it in a way that's easily shareable and keepable for years to come?

Whether you're a breeder hoping to help your clients bond with and get excited about their forthcoming babies, or a new family who wants to shout your happiness from the rooftops, Furbaby Portraits and Announcements will help you celebrate in the most memorable (and, frankly, adorable) way possible.

Want to learn more? See more examples or get in touch!