Well, color me excited. RVA PhoDOGraphy is now a thing!



As has been mentioned in a few places across the site, I'm not a full-time 'tog -- I have a day job in the Monroe Ward district of Richmond. One of the ways I've found to decompress during my lunch break is to take a short walk with my camera.

While the area is great for photographing antique architecture, I'm also close enough to Belle Isle and Brown's Island that I see a LOT of people taking lunchtime constitutionals with their furry friends. So, naturally, I started dropping to a knee to get dog's-eye views of these river-side walkers.

Slightly more comfortable, fun, and spitty than your typical street photography, I've absolutely loved popping in to dog parks, nature trails, and other dog-friendly spots over the last few months, and building up a street phodography portfolio.

And now that portfolio is for more than just Instagram!


What this means

Obviously, the pet photography business isn't going anywhere but up, which is fabulous. But now, I've got a pet project that's a blast AND something I can share with you guys!

So, this means less canine street photography on my general @MiscellaneousMoore handle, and lots more of it on my @RVAphoDOGraphy handle, as well as www.rvaphodography.com, which links back to a new gallery on this site.

If you ever see your pup (or the two of you) appear on my website or Instagram and would like a) credit, or b) removal, please don't hesitate to let me know here or on Instagram.